Approved Minutes of ARPP Committee
September 24, 1997

Present: Clifford Donn, Alan Fischler (Chair), Charles Kelly, Michael Krause, William Rinaman, Marcia Ruwe (Academic Dean), Deborah Tooker

1. The proposed minutes of the September 10th meeting were unanimously approved after some corrections were made. Due to the expense involved in distributing printed copies of the Committee's minutes to the Senate's complete membership, it was decided to post one copy of all Approved Minutes on the Senate's bulletin board in the Mail Room. Copies of the Approved Minutes will also appear on the Faculty Senate's Bulletin folder as well as on the Web Page for the Senate being maintained by Inga Barnello. Members of the Committee will receive printed copies of the Unapproved Minutes prior to scheduled meetings and copies of the Approved Minutes subsequent to Committee meetings.

2. Professor Fischler reported that he had received an interim report from Prof. Fred Glennon on the CAPHE grant. The report is available for review by members of the Committee.

Professor Fischler informed the Committee that President M.K. Collins will be writing to the Administration concerning the status of the cost study that the Executive Board recommended in April 1996 be undertaken with regard to a 3/3 teaching load for all full-time faculty.

3. Dr. Ruwe reported that the Director of Athletics will be asked to re-submit his recommendations with regard to the Physical Education requirements. The Academic Dean will formally present any proposals in this regard to the Committee. (In discussion it emerged that the ARPP Committee had been assigned jurisdiction in this matter and that the Curriculum Committee would not be involved in handling it.)

In response to a request made at the previous meeting of the Committee, Dr. Ruwe reported that she had not been able to locate any written rules and regulations governing the number of hours adjuncts are permitted to teach each semester. She has assigned adjunct hours using a formula based on the full-time teaching load in the departments involved. Problems have arisen with laboratory instructors in the Natural Sciences, some of whom teach more than 12 hours a semester under administrative contracts. (The Chair will speak with Professor John Consler, President of the Le Moyne AAUP chapter, about this matter. After the Committee hears his report, it will determine what priority to assign the issue of adjunct teaching loads on its agenda.)

Dr. Ruwe reported that she will be meeting with the Student Senate on the new policy on academic disqualification once the various leadership positions in that body have been established.

4. The Committee discussed various proposals concerning the establishment of a "Common Hour", a period during which no classes would be scheduled. Three questions were deemed crucial: (i) Should there be a "Common Hour"? (ii) If so, at what time should it be? (iii) What activities and/or meetings should it be reserved for? It was agreed that prior to the next meeting members of the Committee would consult with their respective constituencies concerning these questions. (Professor Krause, the At-Large Representative, will consult with those in Division V, which presently has no representative on the Committee.)

5. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 8th, at 2:30 p.m. in the Continuous Learning Conference Room. The agenda will include continued discussion of and possible decisions on the "Common Hour" issue. Professor Tooker's document on classroom availability might also be considered.

6. A motion to adjourn was seconded and unanimously approved. Adjournment occurred at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Charles J. Kelly

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