Minutes of ARPP Committee
April 20,1998

Present: Thomas Curley, Clifford Donn, Alan Fischler (Chair), Charles Kelly, Jessica Kling, Michael Krause, William Rinaman, Marcia Ruwe

1. Professor Fischler reported that the CAPHE committee classroom survey had been completed and distributed to the faculty. The CAPHE committee has established a process for completing work on it. It was decided that we need not make any further recommendations to them at this time.

2. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. A round of applause ensued.

3. The Committee next considered the proposal regarding Academic Librarians. Professor Donn explained the background and rationale for the proposal he wrote. This was followed by general discussion of a number of issues. Among those were the degree requirements for the various ranks of Academic Librarian, where the Library Director fit in the proposal, the composition of search committees to fill vacant positions, the composition of promotion committees, and the policies and procedures regarding leaves and salary. A number of amendments were proposed which Professor Donn agreed to incorporate into the proposal. In addition, Professor Kelly indicated that he wished to discuss other aspects of the proposal with Professor Donn. It was agreed that Professor Kelly and Professor Donn would meet to discuss Professor Kelly's concerns and incorporate them into the proposal as much as possible. The proposal will be revised and distributed to the Committee before our next meeting.

4. The Committee will next meet on Monday, May 4, 1998, at 2:30 P.M. in the Continuous Learning Conference Room. The proposal regarding Academic Librarians will be discussed and voted on. Following that, the proposal for compensation for laboratory hours will be considered. Then, time permitting, the issue of copy fees will be discussed. There will be no further meetings of the Committee this academic year. The charter of the current committee expires on May 5, 1998.

Respectfully submitted,

William C. Rinaman

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