Minutes of ARPP Committee
February 23,1998

Present: Thomas Curley, Clifford Donn, Alan Fischler (Chair), Charles Kelly, Michael Krause, William Rinaman, Marcia Ruwe

1. Following a short discussion, the minutes of the previous meeting were amended and approved.2. Professor Fischler reported that he had a discussion with Mary Collins, and she felt that the resolution regarding changes to the graduation requirements need not be considered by the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate.

3. Professor Fischler reported that he discussed our resolution regarding the establishment of a faculty development program with Professor Glennon of the CAPHE committee. He reported that he does not know where the resolution currently stands. Professor Rinaman reported on a conversation he had with Professor William Miller, Chair of the Faculty Research and Development Committee, regarding that committee's position on the proposal. The Research and Development Committee has essentially the same reservations as this committee conveyed.

4. Professor Fischler mentioned that Professor Shefrin inquired about the status of the proposal regarding alternate compensation for Freshman advisors. He was interested in determining if this committee would mind if he took the proposal directly to the Academic Dean. After some discussion the committee voted 3-2-1 to retain our prerogative to consider the proposal.

5. Dean Ruwe reported on the status of the pre-doctoral program. The College received four application, three of which met the criteria for the program. Those applications are currently in the hands of the relevant departments.

6. The Committee then took up the issue of the scheduling of athletic events. Professor Kelly provided a proposed resolution along with a detailed rationale for it. It was generally agreed that the athletic department should take all possible steps to insure that athletic teams arrange that the scheduling of events around Spring break, and other long weekends, so that students are not expected to miss any classes. After some discussion of the wording of Professor Kelly's proposed resolution, it was agreed that he and Dean Ruwe would work together to produce a revised resolution. It will be discussed and voted on at the next meeting.

7. The proposal regarding the establishment of shared faculty positions was discussed briefly. It was clear that there many aspects of the proposal that need to be discussed at length. Some examples are: 1) Would the new positions be available to present faculty, or should they be used only on future hires? 2) What will happen if one member of a shared position receives tenure and the other does not? 8. The Committee has a large number of unresolved issues on its agenda. We discussed the possibility of holding meetings beyond those already scheduled in order to complete them. The scheduling of these will be decided at a later date.

9. The Committee's next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 9, 1998, at 2:30 P.M. in the Continuous Learning Conference Room. The proposal regarding the establishment of shared faculty positions will be considered. In addition, the resolution regarding the scheduling of athletic events will be discussed and voted on.

Respectfully submitted

William C. Rinaman

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