Le Moyne College Faculty Senate
ARPP Committee

Approved Minutes of ARPP Committee
(September 4, 1997)

Present: Clifford Donn, Alan Fischler, Charles Kelly, Michael Krause, William Rinaman, Marcia Ruwe (Academic Dean), Deborah Tooker

(1) Alan Fischler was elected Chair of the Committee.

(2) Charles Kelly will serve as Secretary for the Fall 1997 semester and William Rinaman for the Spring 1998 semester.

(3) The agreed upon meeting time is Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m.

(4) A proposal by some faculty with regard to changes in the stipend arrangements for freshman advising will be forwarded to President M.K. Collins. The Committee requests that she decide which Committee of the Faculty Senate should review it.

(5) A proposal concerning the Physical Education requirement was to be discussed by the Committee this Fall. The Committee was informed that all Physical Education classes scheduled for this Fall had not been staffed. As a result the classes were cancelled.

(6) For the benefit of the Committee's new members Professor Donn reviewed the topics and issues that last year's committee left for future consideration and action. (Details can be found in the Minutes of the Full Senate Meeting of April 16, 1997 (Section II.A).)

(7) Professor Tooker will be working on a proposal concerning the availability of various spaces for class room teaching.

(8) Equity issues relating to compensation for the teaching of laboratory courses will be an agenda item.

(9) The status of various items approved and vetoed by the AVP in last Spring's equity proposal will be determined.

(10) The next two meetings are scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 10th, and for 2:30 p. m. on Wednesday, Sept. 24th, in the Continuous Learning Conference Room. Prof. Fischler will distribute a list of items and issues which the Committee will work to prioritize.

(11) One additional divisional representative needs to be elected to complete the Committee's membership.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles J. Kelly

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