Faculty Senate Executive Board
April 8, 1998
4:30 PM
Reilley Room

I. Approval of the minutes of March 4, 1998*

II. Opening comments

III. Questions on committee reports**

IV. New Business
A. ARPP (See attachment A)
Resolved, that the Faculty Senate Executive Board approve the ARPP policy statement regarding the scheduling of athletic events.
ARPP Statement on the Scheduling of Athletic Events
1. In order to foster academic excellence and preserve the priority of academics and classroom learning, Le Moyne College should operate under the principle that all scheduling of athletic events should be done with the aim of not interfering with the class attendance of the student-athlete.2. The Academic Vice-President should request the President of the College to accept and to promulgate this principle as College policy before the completion of the 1997-98 academic year.3. If the principle is accepted and promulgated, the Academic Vice President should work with the Vice President for Student Affairs to insure its implementation beginning with the 1998-99 academic year. When the scheduling is under the control of Le Moyne College, the student should not be expected to miss any classes. If the scheduling is not completely under the College's control, every effort should be made to depart from campus at a time that will maximize class attendance. As coaches draw up conference schedules in consultation with other schools, they should be guided by the principles stated in the first paragraph.
4. If, at any time, any exceptions to this principle are to be made, the Director of Athletics should consult with the Academic Vice-President and the President of the Faculty Senate before effecting them.

B. AACSB (Curriculum Committee)

The members of the Curriculum Committee wish to preface our own resolution with our deepest respect for and admiration of the work of the Advisory Task Force on AACSB Accreditation. Rarely do we have the opportunity to review such thoughtful and well-crafted work.

The Curriculum Committee hereby moves that the Faculty Senate endorse Recommendation 1 of the Report of the Advisory Task Force on AACSB Accreditation: that the College continue in its pursuit of AACSB accreditation as a desirable goal.

As to the subsequent two recommendations of the Task Force - those having to do with questions of governance and prioritization of College goals - the Curriculum Committee respectfully requests the opportunity to further discuss the matters involved in these questions and respond at a later date.

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**Committee reports are to be posted in the faculty senate Bulletin folder by noon on Tues., April 7

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