Faculty Senate Executive Board
December 10, 1997


Members present: L. Arnault, I. Barnello, B. Blaszak, R. Bucko, S. Choi, J. Consler, A. Eppolito, A. Fischler, K. Geisinger, ex officio, J. Glancy, L. Hsu, J. McMahon, S. Smith, A. Vetrano.

Members absent: T. Clifton, W. Miller, N. Ring, B. Shefrin

Others present: M. Ruwe

I. Physical education requirement (ARPP)

S. Choi moved the following resolution and A. Fischler seconded it.

Resolved, that the Physical Education requirement for all Le Moynestudents be eliminated immediately, but that the Athletic Department mustoffer, for interested students, at least two non-credit optionalmini-courses on different recreational activities each semester in orderto foster the notion of lifelong participation in physical activity.

The discussion clarified the following points. The Athletic Department offered courses this fall semester after all on a limited basis for seniors who had registered. After the failure of the Faculty Senate to take action on this issue at its November 12th meeting, letters went out in early December to students from Dean Ruwe stating that there will be physical education classes added for Spring 1998 and that they would have to take them, if they had not already. This is at odds with the intent of the resolution. Prof. Fischler, Chair of ARPP, explained the intent of the ARPP Committee’s resolution’s stipulation for the requirement to cease immediately for all classes. The rationale for this was the perceived unfairness to students who would be forced to take gym in the spring after being told they could not take it in the fall. Dick Rockwell was present at that meeting and approved. ARPP was not aware that students were given the opportunity to take physical education in the fall of 1997. A new 1998/99 catalog that eliminates the physical education requirement can be followed by any student that chooses to do so.

After the question was called, the resolution was defeated by a vote of 3 - 9 with one abstention. The physical education requirement remains. Students must continue to take physical education.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Inga H. Barnello
December 11, 1997

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