Faculty Senate Executive Board
October 22, 1997

I. Approval of minutes of September 17, 1997*

II. Opening comments

III. Questions on reports**

IV. Old Business

A. Proposal on stipends for adjunct faculty [discuss and table]

V. New Business

A. CAPHE Steering Committee (Glennon) [discuss and vote]

Whereas the CAPHE steering committee was authorized by the FacultySenate Excecutive Board to administer the CAPHE grant (September 1996);

Whereas the CAPHE steering committee spent the past year in discussion withfaculty and students on the nature of teaching and its improvement atLe Moyne College;

Whereas those discussions generated a summary report which was distributedto the faculty and which included suggestions and directions to follow(April 1997); ***

Whereas those directions included reviewing such issues as initiatingfaculty development discussions and opportunities, reviewing studentsevaluations forms and practices, reviewing classroom space developmentand use, and reviewing teacher recognition efforts;

Be it resolved, that the CAPHE Steering Committee be empowered to explorefully these suggestions and directions to propose recommendations to the Faculty Senate Executive Board for review and possible adoption.

B. Research & Development Accounting Procedures Proposal (W. Miller)

Resolved: The Faculty Senate Executive Board endorses the proposed changes to accounting procedures for grants and stipends as recommended by the Research and Development Committee.

See attached document.

*Available from home page of the faculty senate (http://maple.lemoyne.edu/~barnello/fspage.html)
**Committee reports are posted in the faculty senate folder of the Bulletin by noon on Monday, October 20.
*** CAPHE Summary Report (Spring 1997) can be found in the CAPHE Bulletin folder and in the faculty senate folder.

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