Faculty Senate Executive Board
September 17, 1997
3:30 PM, Reilley Room


I. Approval of appointments to Faculty Senate standing committees

II. Approval of the Minutes of April 16, 1997*

III. Opening comments

IV. Questions on Committee Reports *

V. Old Business
A. Equity Resolutions

Senate response to AVP Ryan’s vetoes was tabled at Feb. 12, 1997 meeting of the
Executive Board. Fr. Ryan’s memo is posted in the faculty senate bulletin folder.

VI. New Business [recommended action]

A. Resolution on computing resources (Hevern) [discuss and vote]
See attached sheet.

B. Proposal on stipends for adjunct faculty (Glancy) [discuss and vote]

C. Approval of the curriculum subcommittee on the physics department

Academic Admin.: Marcia Ruwe, Academic Dean
Affected department: Evie Monsay, Physics
Natural sciences: Theresa Beaty, Chemistry
Humanities: Mario Saenz, Philosophy
Business: Bernard Arogyaswamy, Business Admin.
Social Sciences: To be filled
ex officio: David Smith, Biology

D. Discussion of Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC)

*Posted in the fac_senate folder of the VAX Bulletin

Resolution on Computing Resources (V. Hevern)

Whereas, the use of computers has become increasingly central to the
pedagogical responsibilities of many faculty at every level of instruction;

Whereas, the use of computers has become increasingly essential to the
ongoing work of scholarship and other professional activities by many
faculty; and,

Whereas, the College Computing Committee's mandate to "advise the Vice
President for Finance and Treasurer on technological advances, needs, and
requirements" makes no explicit reference to the academic needs and
requirements of the faculty or student body; and,

Whereas, the administrative and accountability structures of the College
currently place planning, decision making, and ongoing responsibility for
computer resources outside the scope of the College's Academic division;

Whereas, past decisions have been made with minimal-to-no-consultation
with faculty, department chairs, or faculty members on the Computing
Committee regarding the allocation, type, and future directions of on-
campus computer resources though such decisions directly affect faculty
pedagogical responsibilities and scholarly activities;

now, therefore, the Faculty Senate of Le Moyne College

(1) calls upon the Academic Vice-President to initiate discussions with
relevant members of the College community to find more adequate ways in
which the pedagogical and scholarly needs of faculty may be appropriately
and in timely fashion voiced and incorporated in the decisionmaking
processes of the College in respect to computer resource allocation, type,
and future directions; and

(2) calls upon the Academic Vice-President to report back to the Faculty
Senate his observations and recommendations regarding how #1 above has
been and will be implemented by the end of the 1997-1998 academic year;

(3) calls upon the President of the Senate to devise a method by which
timely reports regarding current matters and future directions involving
computer resources at Le Moyne may be made to the full Senate on a semi-
annual basis with an opportunity for members of the Senate to comment or
give feedback on such reports.

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