Minutes of the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate
April 16, 1997

Members present: L. Arnault, I. Barnello, S. Behuniak, J. Bogdan, M.K. Collins, J. Consler, C.
Donn, A. Eppolito, J. Glancy, M. MacDonald, J. McMahon, B. Mitchell, K. Nash, O. Ocampo, H.
O'Leary, B. Shefrin, E. Ryan, S.J., ex officio.

Members absent: N. Ring, A. Vetrano

Others present: J. Freie

President Susan Behuniak called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM.

I. Minutes of March 19, 1997

The minutes were approved with the following corrections. On page 3, under V. A. Creative
Writing Proposal, the resolution should read....in Creative Writing, passed by the Curriculum
Committee on 9/16/96, and amended with a budget on February 25. On Attachment F, page
11, in the Rank and Tenure report, the first paragraph should read....be granted the status of
professor emeritus.

II. Old Business

A. Diversity Resolution

Whereas, the proposed ALANA Studies Program currently lacks
sufficient personnel to fully implement the Program, and

Whereas, the College has lost two African-American faculty members in
the last year, and

Whereas, the Minority Pre-Doctoral Fellowship had been temporarily
suspended, be it

Resolved, that the Faculty Senate Executive Board urges the
Administration to develop concrete programs and procedures for the
hiring and retention of faculty of color.

This resolution was removed from the table and voted on without discussion. It passed
by a vote of 14 in favor, none opposed, and one abstention.

VI. New Business

A. NYS Budget Resolution (Ryan)

M. MacDonald moved the following resolution and H. O’Leary seconded it. Fr. Ryan
spoke to it by pointing out that with a June 14 deadline for a State budget and surplus
money available, there is a very real opportunity to realize $200 to $3,000 more in TAP
money for our students and institutional aid of about $200,000. The 116 independent
colleges in New York are lobbying for restoration of Bundy money and HEOP funds.
One means is to ask their faculty groups to lend their voices of support to the effort, thus
the following resolution.

Whereas the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate of Le Moyne College
is concerned about the equitable distribution of State funds and the future
of this college; and

Whereas the Executive Budget contains recommendations that impact
negatively and inequitably on Le Moyne College and its students; and

Whereas the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate of Le Moyne College
met and discussed this matter as one of its agenda items

Therefore the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate of Le Moyne
College by this resolution urge the Senate and Assembly of New York
State to amend the Executive Budget to include

first, regarding TAP for undergraduate students--increase the maximum
award to $4,850 and income eligibility to $64,500 net taxable income to
account for cost of living increases from 1974 (the year TAP was
instituted) to 1996.

second, restore Direct Institutional Aid (Bundy) to the statutory level of
$122 million.

third, restore HEOP to the 1994 funding level of $22 million.

fourth, restore the college workstudy reimbursement program for
independent institutions to the 1990 level of $7.3 million.

Before the vote, one faculty member warned of a dangerous precedent to be set by the
Executive Board should it vote to take a stand on a political issue outside of the College
and to, in effect, lobby. This is seen to open a door and is reminiscent of the 1960s
when they were asked to take positions on the Vietnam War. In response, it was heard
that this resolution is about an issue that affects the College’s and the faculty’s future.
The resolution passed with 13 votes in favor, none opposed and two abstentions.

Adjournment came at 4:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Inga H. Barnello
April 22, 1997


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