Faculty Senate Executive Board

November 15, 1995

Faculty Lounge

7:30 PM


* Minutes of October Meeting

* Comments by the Academic Vice-President

* Comments by the Academic Dean

* Committee Reports


(a) Physician's Assistant Program: Report by the Curriculum Committee ofits unanimous positive response and request for consideration by the ExecutiveBoard.

(b) Appointment of Faculty to Standing and Presidential Comittees. Thatthe procedures by which faculty are appointed committees be revised such thatfaculty be asked formally either in May or August for a list of committees theywould be interested in serving on and that committee chairs be asked for theirinterest in providing input for appointments to committees. These materialswould then be forwarded for use by either the Faculty Senate President or theCollege's President in making their appointments.

(c) Resolved: That the President and/or his designated representative(s) holdan Open Forum on the state of the budget, whether finalized or not, by December6, 1995. Failing that, that the faculty representatives on the College BudgetCommittee present a detailed explanation of the budget figures that theypossess at the full Faculty Senate Meeting on December 12, 1995.

(c) Resolved: That the Faculty Senate Officers collect the data on the impactof budget cuts on academic programs from department and program chairs, compilethe information in a report, and present the report to the Administration andthe Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees.

(d) Resolved: That the faculty travel funds secured in 1995-1996 (andrecommended to be $450 plus half of additional costs) be distributed using thefollowing priority list:

* Assistant professors participating in conferences
* Assistant professors attending conferences
* Associate professors participating in conferences
* Associate professors attending conferences
* Full professors participating in conferences
* Full professors attending conferences

(e) Establishing a faculty rank of Lecturer: Report and recommendationsby the Academic Relations, Procedures, and Policies Committee after reviewingthe matter.

(f) Report of Ad hoc Committee (C. Donn; C. Kelly) on Possible Changesin Constitutions and By-Laws with Respect to Chief Academic Officer and theAcademic Dean.

VWH/9 Nov 95

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