Faculty Senate Executive Board

October 18, 1995

Faculty Lounge

7:30 PM


Minutes of September Meeting

Comments by the Academic Dean

Committee Reports (see attached)

Presentation by Dennis DePerro, Dean of Enrollment Management


(a) Ratification of Profs. Frederick Glennon, Edward Judge, and Evelyn Monsaywho were elected on 27 September 1995 by the Curriculum Committee to composethe CET (Core Evaluation Team) in the decennial review of the Core Curriculum.

(b) Permission for the Curriculum Committee to revise its Schedule of AcademicDepartment Evaluations because of the one-year delay in beginning the CoreRevision.

(c) Resolved that a referendum item should be presented to the faculty insubstantially the same form only once per school year.

(d) Resolved that the Executive Board should consider itself bound by theresults of a referendum.

(e) Resolved that the Executive Board request of the Security Office that itdevelop a procedure designed to ensure that vehicles parked in theFaculty/Staff lot (and bearing F/S stickers) are operated by members of theFaculty or Staff.

(f) Resolved that the Executive Board request of the Budget Comittee that itperform a comparative review of salaries that account for the fact thatLe Moyne is now a 2M institution, as opposed to a 2B.

(g) Resolved: That department chairs and program directors compile reportsdocumenting the impact of budget cuts on academic programming.

(h) An ad hoc task force to be appointed to make recommendations withina month to the Faculty regarding how both the procedures and language of theSenate Constitution should deal with the administrative changesintroduced by the new office of Academic Dean.

VWH/12 Oct 95

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