Faculty Senate Executive Board
September 20, 1995
Faculty Lounge
7:30 PM


Confirmation of Appointment of Committees and Committee Chairs

Minutes of Prior Meetings

Comments by the Academic Dean

Committee Reports (none submitted as of 9-13-95)


(a) Constitutional Language Changes from 1993-94: Proposal to remove from tableand submit to Faculty for vote.

(b) Stipends: Proposal for a College-wide Task Force

(c) Course Loads and Reductions: Proposal for comprehensive study, report andrecommendations by Academic Policies and Procedures Committee

(d) Divisional Reapportionment

(e) Predoctoral Fellowship and Black Visiting Scholar Programs: Status

(f) Student Representation on Curriculum Committee: Submission of proposal fornew vote by faculty

(g) Group Term Life Insurance: Benefit reduction at age 50 and possible changesto current procedures

(h) Proposal to rename Graduate Business Students' Lounge as Graduate Students'Lounge

(i) Faculty Lounge: Use and Physical Upgrade

Created: 9/4/97 Updated: 9/4/97