April 11, 1995

Reilley Room 3:30 P.M.

President Moore called the full Faculty Senate to order at 3:35 pm.

MINUTES OF PRIOR MEETING: Minutes of the March meeting ere not available.They will be presented at the September 1995 Executive Board meeting.


Academic Vice President Report: William Barnett

A. Next Trustees Meeting. Will be held 4/28. Proposed R&Tprocedure changes will be submitted by the President for consideration andaction. It will go first to the Academic subcommittee of the board and then thefull board. The AVP anticipates no difficulties.

B. Strategic Plan Implementation. An Academic Affairs Facilitiestask force was constituted last semester. They have been meeting.Recommendations vis-a-vis facilities, priorities, costs, etc. will be presentedto the President. This will include the refurbishing of ordinary classroomspace as well. We need to have Trustees to have a feasibility study forfunding. The College Planning Committee will also need to looks at theserecommendations.

C. Dean of Enrollment Management. In its final stage, but expect tomake a final announcement about this when AVP returns from vacation on April24.

Faculty Senate Committee Reports

Finance: Report by M. Karper substituting for Cliff Donn

Committee has not met with Budget Committee in last 2 weeks. Contingencyplans for higher and lower enrollment have been completed. We will next work oncapital expenditures. Budget includes increments for faculty for next Fall.That money is still in the budget. AVP noted that the vice-presidents have notyet gotten together about capital expenditures; several VPs are away next week.Hence, meetings will take place after that.

Curriculum: Carolyn Bashaw

A 2-year core curriculum evaluation will begin: The Fall, 1995 willcommence planning for the 1996-1997 academic year which will actually be theevaluation year. Chairs and program heads will be asked for volunteers for peercore evaluation teams.

Mark Karper, reporting for M-A. Donnelly, added at this point that theAcademic Dean Search Committee will meet next week to decide who will beinvited to campus for interviews in the last week of April & first week ofMay.

Elections: John McMahon reporting for Ted Shepard

Nominations closed for President-Elect and Secretary. Susan Behuniak wasonly nominee for President-Elect and Vincent Hevern for Secretary-Treasurer.

Nominations closed today for membership on Executive Board, ProfessionalRights and Welfare, and Curriculum Committees. We have candidates for each ofthe positions. Elections for several positions will be held next week. Callsfor nominations for Divisions 1, 2, 4, & 6 on the Rank & TenureCommittee will go out next week. Also, a call for the At-Large slot on theExecutive Board which will be voted on at the end of April.

Finally, we are conducting a faculty referendum on two items right now(Election to Membership for the Academic Affairs Committee and Student Votingon the Curriculum Committee). As of 1:23 PM today, only 33% of the faculty (51of 155) have even voted with 78 as an absolute majority. An urge to returnballots was made.

Research & Development: Harjit Arora

No report.

Rank & Tenure: Bernard Arogyaswamy

No report.

Faculty Rights & Welfare: Tony Eppolito

No report.


A. Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluation of Administrators. Nancy Ringreported as chair of this ad hoc committee (L. DeGennaro, C. Donn, & J.Freie were other members). A proposal was made for a consultative, advisoryprocess for evaluation of administrators (rather than as an adversarialprocess). [See attached report.] Hevern clarified that the "Academic AffairsCommittee" mentioned in the report is, indeed, the soon-to-be established"catchall" committee on Academic Policies, Procedures, and whatever... Thiscommittee will resume a 3 person committee for each administrator evaluated.Hence, a total of 6 faculty in the Spring 1996 and 9 faculty in the Spring of1997 and 1998. Nancy Ring noted the fine cooperation from the administration inputting together this proposal. A question was raised whether there is enoughfaculty enthusiasm actually to conduct this process. Nancy Ring gave a historyof the proposal at her suggestion and under appointment by M. K. Collins of thead hoc committee.


A. Outgoing President's Remarks. President Moore thanked the facultysenate, particularly for its pacific interactions throughout the year. The AVPwas cited for openness in holding weekly meetings with the senateleadership.

B. Incoming President's Remarks. Mark Karper wished to announceseveral points.

1. Service Survey. Because of concern about the burdens carried byvarious faculty in their service, a survey will be distributed immediately toall faculty asking for current service assignments and interests in future. TheSenate leadership will be meeting afterwards to conduct a "service lottery" tobe sure service is distributed evenly among all our colleagues. Mark recalled arecent conversation with Bob Barth, the Dean of Boston College, where theFaculty Senate no longer exists. The faculty there do not particularly care norparticipate in "senate" work. Hence, Mark wishes to be sure that all facultyare both aware of the extent of service called for at Le Moyne and given theopportunity to serve. Faculty who have not returned a form or do not indicateany preferences will be assumed to be available for appointment to anycommittee.

2. Executive Board Retreat. In the past one was held. We will do soat the beginning of the Fall semester. The President has agreed to speak to theboard. The Executive Board leadership will be meeting this summer to consideragenda to begin work early in the new semester. If we do not get a majority onthe referendum regarding elections to the Academic Procedures, etc. committee,Pres. Karper will appoint members ad hoc; it would be preferable thatthe faculty elect such a committee, yet we have to get this going.

3. The agenda in the future will be established not just by the President,but also by the other members of the new Agenda Committee (President-elect& Secretary-Treasurer). Any of the three members of the Agenda Committeecan be contacted with agenda items.

The Senate adjourned at 4:05 pm.

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