September 28, 1994

Faculty Lounge 7:30 P.M.


Harjit Arora, William Barnett, Carolyn Bashaw, Mary L. Collins, Cliff Donn,Vincent Hevern S.J., Mark Karper, Robert Kelly, David Moore, Kathleen Nash,Nancy Ring, Ted Shepard, David Smith, Anthony Vetrano

Excused: Bernard Arogyaswamy, Susan Behuniak, Anthony Eppolito, DanielOrne.

Guests: Ed Baumgartner, Mary K. Collins, John Consler, Mary Maleski, MikeSchramm, Bruce Schefrin, Jim Simonis.

President David Moore called the Faculty Senate Executive Board to order at7:35 pm.


The final meeting of the 1993-1994 academic year was actually a party forthe faculty. Hence, no minutes were issued.


Reviewed membership of the Executive Board for 1994-1995. BernardArogyaswamy replaces John Langdon on the Rank & Tenure Committee and TonyEppolito replaces Ed Baumgartner on the Professional Rights & WelfareCommittee. Tony is excused this evening because of a death in the family and isrepresented tonight by Ed Baumgartner. Susan Behuniak is on leave this semesterand Dan Orne has a scheduling conflict with Executive Board meeting dates.President Moore anticipates both members will need to be replaced and newelections held.


Academic Vice President Report: William Barnett

1. Enrollment. 404 FT 1st year and 147 FT transfers for a total of551 (with 590 as budgeted). May be higher after further processing ofcontinuous learning students. Part-time student enrollment is up slightly forthe Fall. Median combined SAT score for the entering class (1026) is upsubstantially from last year.

2. Admissions Office. Five staff submitted their resignations duringthe Spring and Summer. The College is completing the hiring of 2 staff toreplace them.

3. Possible New Programs. Norb Henry has been actively investigatingthe feasibility of new programs (physician's assistant; pharmacy; possibly BSin nursing) in contacts with professional societies, New York State officials,and various Le Moyne faculty regarding curriculum and market studies. Proposalswill be submitted to the Faculty Senate relatively soon. A timetable forconsideration will be worked out in consultation with Carolyn Bashaw, Chair ofthe Curriculum Committee.

4. Enrollment Strategy Task Force. Established this summer by Fr.Mitchell and consisting of William Barnett (Chair), Tom O'Neill, Norb Henry,Eileen Hathaway, Ed Ryan, SJ, Mary K. Collins and one additional faculty memberto be chosen. Purpose: to examine student recruitment and financial aidstrategies in order to make any recommendations for changes to the President.Has been actively meeting with various constituencies over the summer and intothis semester.

5. MBA Program. Has completed one full year of operation.Preliminary figures include 180 student enrolled in regular MBA program and ca.150 students in a program on-site at Niagara Mohawk. We expect 5 students tograduate in May.

6. Masters in Education. The proposal was sent to NY State on March1. Initial State response in August raised questions which elicited a Le Moyneresponse this month. We hope this matter will be on the Regents' agenda inOctober or November at the latest. We hope to receive approval to begin thefirst phase of the program in January. This would have a salutary effect on thebudget.

7. Strategic Plan. The third draft was discussed by a specialTrustee Board meeting in June. Department chairs and program heads discussedthe plan with the AVP this summer. Some more meetings for the Academic divisionwill be held in October. It is hoped any corrections and changes will be inplace for final consideration by the Trustees at their December meeting.

8. Miscellaneous. Proposal in draft form for reorganization of theacademic division has been put forth. The AVP has received and welcomesadditional comments and input from the faculty.

The shortfall in enrollment led the President to impose a policy of notfilling any vacant posts this past summer. This continues in force.

Relocation of administrative offices is being planned for the coming year.

The AVP has and will continue to meet with the Faculty Senate leadershipweekly.

A "full and complete" accreditation self-study for the Middle StatesAssociation in anticipation of their site visit (probably in the Spring of1996) will require a forming of a Steering Committee in the next several days.The Executive Director of the Middle States Association, Dr. Arturo Iriarte,will be on campus on November 7th to meet with the Steering Committee andothers to begin the planning for the site visit. This is coming about becauseof the addition of new graduate programs and certain concerns (governance,financial stability, and outcome assessment) raised earlier. Many items ofconcern have already been addressed.

Faculty Senate Committee Reports

Curriculum: Carolyn Bashaw

The committee has already begun its work.

Elections: Ted Shepard Nothing to report

Faculty Rights & Welfare: Tony Eppolito

The committee has met once in response to one grievance.

Finance: Cliff Donn (see attached written report)

Question was raised whether start up moneys for graduate programs werehaving a negative impact on the budget. Cliff indicated that was not the case.The AVP indicated that some external funding sources might also be found tosupport new programs. In response to a question, the AVP said that the MBA willnet the college roughly $300K on gross revenues of $500K and expenses of$200K.

Rank & Tenure: Bernard Arogyaswamy (via report submitted toPres. Moore)

8 applications for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor and 8applications for promotion to Professor have been received. The committee willbegin its work after receipt of letters of support for candidates.

Research & Development: Harjit Arora

A schedule of meetings for the year has been established and will beginsoon to consider faculty applications.

Academic Relations, Policies, and Procedures: This committee has not yetbeen constituted. MK Collins noted that constitutional language must still beformulated.


1. Proposal of the Task Force on Rank and Tenure.

Mark Karper has formulated a digest of the changes proposed by the TaskForce in anticipation of an open faculty forum in three weeks. John Consler waspresent in order to answer any questions about that group's work.

Mark reviewed the history of the Task Force and its 20 recommendations.Both an open meeting of the faculty and eventual trustee action lie ahead. Henoted difficulties in the format of the Task Force's report of April 6, 1994for both faculty and trustee consideration and deliberations. To facilitatethis discussion, 11 propositions (2 regarding "criteria for promotion or tenure(standards)" and 9 regarding "procedures") and 4 policies were extracted fromthe Task Force report to represent the changes (after consultation with JohnConsler). Mark then reviewed each of the change items listed in the digest andexplained their meaning in light of current practices. Mark and othersclarified both current procedures and the meaning of changes in response to arange of questions from members of the Board.

A complete copy of the Rank and Tenure Task Force report will bedistributed to the entire faculty in order to allow them to consider the entiredocument and judge how faithful the digest is to that report.

Mark anticipates that each proposition will be voted on separately by thefaculty to permit them to accept some changes with the option of rejectingothers.

The AVP indicated that "events have continued to happen" with new oradditional recommendations having been made regarding R&T procedures to theAVP and President from others. He asked how these might be considered. Pres.Moore noted that the Executive Board was bound by the motion of March 16,1994 to bring the Task Force's proposal before the full faculty for itsconsideration. John Consler noted that the Task Force had examined a wide rangeof proposals over the long period of its deliberations. Mark Karper reviewedhow the Task Force was set up in order to gain wide representation across thefaculty. The AVP asked if he could meet with John Consler and the FacultySenate leadership in order to find out if "new" proposals made to him and thePresident might have already been considered by the Task Force (and rejectedfor cause). Those proposals which had not previously been considered might thenbe subsequently reviewed while the Task Force's report continues to be judgedand voted upon. Cliff Donn noted that any proposal for R&T could be madeand that procedures exist for handling them in a constitutional fashion. Uponsuggestion by Mark Karper, it was agreed that the Board would judge what to dowith new or additional proposals at the next Board meeting only after theybecame known; meanwhile we will set up a faculty forum to discuss the Report ofthe Task Force on Rank and Tenure in about three weeks. The date will beannounced by Pres. Moore when he can be sure of the availability of the ReilleyRoom.


1. Use of Faculty Lounge by Admissions Office in EarlyNovember.

A request to use the lounge for a training session for new admissionscounselors was made by the Admissions Office. While use was approved by theExecutive Board, this was done so under the understanding that no precedent wasbeing established.

2. Option for Minus (-) Grades

The Dean of Studies asked the Senate to consider instituting minus (-)grades. This item will be turned over to the new committee on AcademicRelations, Policies and Procedures when it is established.

3. Proposal for Administrative Reorganization in AcademicAffairs

The AVP indicated that his proposal for administrative reorganization ofthe academic affairs division had been posted and feedback from faculty (andothers) was actively encouraged. He indicated that he would call for a meetingof faculty and other interested parties in October on his own initiative and,following receipt of comments, a reformulated proposal would be set forward.The current proposal is not etched in stone. The AVP noted that he would nottake a proposal to the President without having elicited faculty input. Pres.Moore urged the members of the Executive Board to provide the AVP withcomments.

4. Appreciation & Steering Committee Challenge

Pres. Moore is most appreciative of the faculty's cooperation andwillingness to serve as he has gone about the difficult task of puttingtogether committees and their membership. The faculty has been very gracious inresponding to requests for service.

However, there is a need for faculty who would be willing to serveon the Steering Committee for the upcoming Middle States reaccreditationreview. He urged individuals either to offer to serve or to suggest those whomight be approached. David Lloyd has agreed to serve as a resource person tothe new committee (and NOT as the editor of the report.)

The AVP fervently hopes that the Steering Committee will be chaired by afaculty member.

5. Sundry Procedural Matters

Discussion was held about the advisability of using the postingopportunities of e-mail and the lmc_chat list for reports of faculty committeeactivities. As Secretary, Vinny Hevern requested that the several chairs ofFaculty Senate committees submit copies of their reports in writing so thatthey might be included.

A motion to adjourn was passed and the membership moved on to a moreinformal discussion.

Respectfully submitted.

Vincent Hevern, SJ


18 October 1994

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