Break up into small groups. Delegate one or more members of your group to (1) prepare a summary of your group's discussion and (2) make a list of your group's members.

1.  List some views about life after death familiar to some members of your group.




2.  Why might someone believe in an afterlife?  Why might someone deny it?




3.   How do the arguments for an afterlife provided in the Phaedo compare to the reasons your group discussed above?  How might someone criticize Socrates’ arguments?





4.  What kinds of things might people do that would tell us about their thoughts on the afterlife?  What do Socrates' actions in the Phaedo suggest about his attitude towards the afterlife?




Michael Kagan, Le Moyne College
09.18.2017; Phaedo additons, 10.02.2017.

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